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About The Program



What is Praxium Mastery Academy?

PRAXIUM Mastery Academy is an honors track magnet school for 7th and 8th grade students through Bonneville School District 93. PRAXIUM uses a student-centered educational system that promotes relevant learning while allowing flexibility in both time and teaching methods. Students can enroll by completing the District #93 open enrollment form!

We use teacher-led workshops, mentoring, small group instructions, and projects to create learning opportunities for students. Praxium teachers organize a wide variety of learning experiences that focus on developing knowledge, skills, and habits.

A Change in Approach

Student-Centered Learning

1:1 Mentoring

Every student has a mentor that spends one-on-one time with them helping them to achieve their goals and continue to make progress.


Students truly own their own education. While controlled within the learning management platform, students can see what needs to be done and are given the time to accomplish it.


Teachers lead workshops to introduce new or complex concepts, assist students with specific interventions, or provide enrichment to students showing mastery.


Projects are the opportunity for students to apply their learning in real-world applications. Projects are interdisciplinary and collaborative.

1:1 mentoring, self-direction, workshops, projects

Our Vision

We help every Praxium student be prepared for high school and beyond. Staff, parents, and students work together to intentionally develop Habits of Success (4Cs), while mastering content knowledge and skills. 

Students will

  1. Focus on collaboration, critical thinking, character, and communication
  2. Practice self-direction

Staff will

  1. Foster well-being and connection
  2. Deliberately develop deep learning and collaboration, critical thinking, character, and communication

Parents will

  1. Promote daily attendance 
  2. Focus on learning instead of grades

What does this look like for a typical student?

Students, whether from Black Canyon, Sandcreek, or Rocky Mountain boundaries, may attend this honors track magnet school in person. Transportation is provided from their boundary school. Students have the same opportunities including athletics and extracurricular activities at their boundary school and participate in electives at RMMS. This helps the student have a complete experience for their middle school years. 

Praxium personalizes learning and support for each student, allowing students to learn and accelerate at their own pace. The day will begin with mentoring where they set learning goals, build success habits, and connect with an adult. 

Students advance as they master concepts and skills, regardless of the time required to get there. Through teacher workshops, mentoring, small group instruction, and project learning opportunities, Praxium teachers facilitate a wide variety of learning experiences. Our approach and pace in the classroom are designed to match each student’s unique personality, needs, and learning style. Praxium celebrates growth with constant feedback from teachers and mentors. 

Praxium is perfect for all types of students! Our goals are simple. Praxium Mastery Academy strives to help students develop and maintain a growth mindset, develop positive relationships, become problem solvers, and practice Self-Direction.

a teacher and student interacting in a full classroom

students working together

Learn for Life

Students will be prepared to learn for life. We work together to intentionally develop cognitive skills and Habits of Success while mastering content knowledge, to empower all students to succeed in their careers, families, and lives. We value critical thinking, character, collaboration, and communication.

Cognitive Skills Icon

Cognitive Skills

Essential and transferrable lifelong skills

Content Knowledge Icon

Content Knowledge

Understanding and application of complex and challenging facts and concepts

Habits Icon

Habits of Success

Mindsets and behaviors that support well-being and develop purpose.

Skills & Knowledge

The Climb

Students will develop cognitive skills and master content knowledge through The Climb. This helps us understand where we are in the process of learning as we move to mastery of knowledge and skills. As we climb, our brains are challenged by new ideas and skills. Learning to persevere through the climb helps us grow.

Define - I know the vocabulary. I can define the important words and knowledge related to this skill. (Focus area)

Do - I can complete tasks and actions related to these skills. (Focus area and checkpoints)

Apply - I can explain the "why" and "how" I make decisions and do tasks related to these skills

Create - I can use my knowledge and skills to produce a final product independently in new situations.

The Climb to Mastery: Define, Do, Apply, Create

Habits of Success

The Four Cs

Staff, parents, and students work together to intentionally develop the following Habits of Success (4Cs):

Critical Thinking

  • Problem solve 
  • Think creatively
  • Make connections
  • Be the solution


  • Be a team player
  • Focus
  • Active listening
  • Compromise
  • Take responsibility 


  • Know your audience
  • Respect
  • Positively build up others
  • Advocate
  • Be present

Character - (Are you Yeti ready?)

  • Be reliable
  • Accountability (for your own mistakes)
  • Integrity in action
  • Resilience 
  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Grit
  • Celebrate success

Staff, parents, and students work together to develop Habits of Success.