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Frequently Asked Questions

  • It’s simple! Just complete the district waiver form located on the district’s website or at Then we’ll handle the rest! Your child will need to be registered at their “home school” (the school they should be attending based on their home address) and will remain registered at that school. The waiver form will allow them to participate in this program away from their home school.

  • While you are always welcome to pick up and drop off your child at the program building, busing will be provided for all students. If students are riding a bus, they will be bused to their “home school” first, then move to a transport bus that will bring them to the RMMS campus. This will typically mean students will arrive at our program building by 9:00 am and will be back at their “home school” before boarding buses home.

  • Students choosing to attend PRAXIUM will have the same opportunities as all other students. Elective courses will be taught utilizing Rocky Mountain Middle School teachers, PRAXIUM teachers, and online courses.

  • It won’t! Students will continue to have the opportunity to participate in the extracurricular activities of their “home school” including athletics.

  • PRAXIUM currently does not extend past 8th grade. Students wanting to continue through mastery-based learning similar to PRAXIUM have the opportunity to do so at Hillcrest High School. Students will need to complete the open enrollment form through the district to attend Hillcrest if they do not live within their boundaries.

  • If you feel your child is not making progress and is struggling, we will meet as a team with you as the parent, the student, and the teachers to determine what is working and what is not. If it still cannot be resolved, students may always opt to return to their “home school.”

  • Students are still given a grade-level curriculum and are working on mastery of grade-specific standards. Students are still assigned to 7th or 8th grade based on the standards they are working on. Grades are still given but may be slightly different than you have seen in the past. Grades are reflections of a student’s mastery of content rather than the completion of tasks or assignments. Grades are not about accumulating points to earn a grade.

  • Mastery-based education is a paradigm shift for many students and most parents. At some point, schools have become a comparison between ourselves as students and our peers with regard to our learning. The only comparison students should be making is to themselves! Breaking this mindset is the key to success. Students know that they may need more time than others on some concepts or skills, while they may not need it in other ways. Students follow the pace of their own learning, not as a collective group.

  • Mastery education is not based on time or traditional constraints. If a child has shown they have mastered the expectations for that grade level, that child should be able to progress to the next set of learning expectations. 7th-grade students that complete all of their course standards and have shown mastery can begin working on their 8th grade standards and expectations. Similarly, students completing their 8th grade standards can progress to 9th grade, and so on. This works very well for students wanting to maximize Advanced Opportunities within the district, gaining as many college credits as they can.

  • Class sizes are dependent upon the number of students needing assistance on that particular standard, skill, or concept. Sometimes, a classroom may look more like a traditional classroom with 25+ students, especially when a new concept is introduced. Other times, there may be a smaller “workshop” held to provide intervention for a small group of students. Many times, it is simply one-on-one assistance by the teacher based on the specific needs of the individual student.

  • No. Students at PRAXIUM are only 7th and 8th graders.

  • PRAXIUM uses a team of teachers to meet the needs of all students. Because of this, students have access to all of the content teachers available in the program. With that said, content teachers are assigned to specific a grade-level curriculum, and your child will have that teacher for that specific content area.

    In addition to this, your child will have a mentor teacher that will stay the same regardless of movement through courses. This mentor teacher is a wonderful resource to your child and you as a parent. PRAXIUM’s mentoring element truly sets it apart from a traditional classroom. Students will work with this mentor to set goals, have mentor check-ins, and collaborate on skills, with the mentor serving as the child’s advocate both inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Students will keep their backpacks with them as they move throughout the day. There will be hooks in each room to place their backpacks. If the student would still like a locker, they may sign up for one at registration. Please keep in mind that the lockers in the Praxium building are a smaller size. We also have lockers available in the BOHS building.

  • The students will participate in lunch at Rocky Mountain Middle School. Praxium has its own lunch hour with only Praxium students. The menu will be the same provided by the district.

  • We are in the process of building our school library. We have a limited number of books the students will be able to check out from PRAXIUM. 

  • Praxium students will be given an activity card. They may pay the activity card fee for their boundary middle school to attend extra-curricular activities if wanted.

  • Yes, they may try out for and participate in after-school activities and programs at their boundary school.

  • Yes, a Chromebook will be checked out to each student during the first week of school. They will be able to use them at school and at home. They may personalize their Chromebook stickers and their name. Outside computers and Chromebooks will not be able to be used during the school day because they are difficult to monitor.

  • Please refer to the Course Catalog for instructions and the available electives. Students will be able to take RMMS, Praxium or BOHS electives.

  • Elective time is utilized by exploring student interests while having targeted small group and one-and-one instruction with an emphasis on ELA and Math. During the elective blocks, the students will have the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned while working in 2 chosen electives and 1 other workshop (Intervention or Enrichment).

  • We will help your student create a 5 or 6 year plan in the fall that will help guide your student with class choices. 

  • A weekly newsletter will be sent with updates about upcoming projects and deadlines. Each student is paired with a mentor that sets goals with the students and emails frequently. There is also a parent account in the Summit platform for up-to-date information on student progress and parents can opt-in to a text update stream. Progress reports are sent each trimester.