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Student Testimonials

"Being at Praxium has been such an amazing experience for me. I finally found a place where my education wasn't limited by textbooks and deadlines. Being able to work at my own pace and not feeling either held back or rushed all the time has made me remember why I love school. Thank you. I absolutely LOVED my time here and the teachers are awesome.”

"I loved Praxium because I could work at my own pace. I also got to choose who I worked with and what I worked on. So if I was getting behind in math I could spend more time on it."

"My favorite part of the year is group projects. It gives you the opportunity to do hands-on learning with other peers. I also loved the collaboration privileges, it gives you the ability to work with other students on content so you can master it."

"In the eighth grade, things shifted for me, because I had a lot of changes going on, and so the team became even more of an extended family, with fun courses, challenging yet influential lessons, and still amazing teachers."

"I have absolutely LOVED my experience at Praxium! The learning atmosphere is AMAZING and the teachers ROCK! The way the program is structured really helps students take control of their education and learn many important skills that they can later implement in life. Summit Learning (the learning management system at Praxium) is easy to use and shows students everything they need to do to complete the year. This allows students to visually see what assignments are coming, when the deadlines are, and what they need to do to get it done instead of simply being told. Between the incentive programs, friendly competition between the mentor groups, and bonds that Praxium students share, Praxium is definitely the way to go if you want an amazing middle school experience!

Parent Testimonials

"My daughter thrived at Praxium. She loved not being held back by having to wait for others to finish their assignments. Her teachers helped with anything she did not understand or needed extra help with. This program helped her learn to set her own goals and be intrinsically motivated."

"Being at Praxium was the best thing for my daughter. She loved it! The best part was that she could go at her own pace and be ahead without having to wait for others to catch up. Being at Praxium has also taught my daughter more about goal setting and accomplishing goals. How to be better at managing time for school work and important things. Also learned more about teamwork and accomplishing big tasks as a team. The Praxium teachers are the best! They were always there to help when things didn't quite make sense and give extra help when needed. Their positive approach and encouragement motivated and inspired my daughter to keep trying even when things got tough. The teachers' support for my daughter and for all the many questions I had was awesome. We are going to miss the teachers!"