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Supply List

 Praxium Mastery Academy

Suggested Supply List


**Please label ALL supplies with student name**


1 pair of good headphones
1 scientific calculator
1 pencil case
8 college ruled notebooks
5 pocket folders
3 tri-fold boards (one per trimester)

Optional: Students may prefer to organize their supplies in a large 3 ring binder

In Pencil Case:
Blue & black pens
4 different colored highlighters
1 package of 12 colored pencils
1 hand sharpener
1 pair of scissors
8 glue sticks
4 black dry erase markers

We would love to accept donations for any of the following items:

Sticky notes – any size & color
Disinfectant wipes
Boxes of tissue
Reams of copy paper

College ruled notebooks
Blue & black pens
Glue sticks

Dry erase markers
Ruled 3x5 cards

Sharpie markers

Mini hot glue sticks
Printable Praxium Supply List