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How to Enroll at Praxium 

  1. Fill out the open enrollment form below. When prompted, please select “Praxium Mastery Academy” as the receiving school of choice. Priority is issued to those that apply before the February 1st deadline.

    Open Enrollment
  2. If you are new to the district, please register at the district level first using the following form.

    District Registration

Once we receive your open enrollment, we will contact you through email about your acceptance. Please feel free to reach out at any time.

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Admission Requirements

For the 2024-2025 school year, Praxium students must meet one of the following criteria for acceptance into the school:

  1. Show proficiency on ISAT Tests by scoring at least Proficient (3) or Advanced (4) in Math and English Language Arts (ELA).
  2. Meet district Gifted and Talented Requirements.
  3. Out-of-District or New to Bonneville School District 93 students must submit an equitable assessment to the Idaho Standard Achievement Test (ISAT). 

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About Praxium Mastery Academy

Praxium is a mastery-based, in-person middle school option for all Bonneville School District 7th & 8th graders. We use teacher-led workshops, mentoring, small group instructions, and projects to create learning opportunities for students.

Learn more about how Praxium works inside the classroom and out:

About the Program


Student-Centered Learning

1:1 Mentoring

Every student has a mentor that spends one-on-one time with them helping them to achieve their goals and continue to make progress.


Students truly own their own education. While controlled within the learning management platform, students can see what needs to be done and are given the time to accomplish it.


Teachers lead workshops to introduce new or complex concepts, assist students with specific interventions, or provide enrichment to students showing mastery.


Projects are the opportunity for students to apply their learning in real-world applications. Projects are interdisciplinary and collaborative.

1:1 mentoring, self-direction, workshops, projects

Admissions FAQ

  • It’s simple! Just complete the district waiver form located on the district’s website or at Then we’ll handle the rest! Your child will need to be registered at their “home school” (the school they should be attending based on their home address) and will remain registered at that school. The waiver form will allow them to participate in this program away from their home school.

  • While you are always welcome to pick up and drop off your child at the program building, busing will be provided for all students. If students are riding a bus, they will be bused to their “home school” first, then move to a transport bus that will bring them to the RMMS campus. This will typically mean students will arrive at our program building by 9:00 am and will be back at their “home school” before boarding buses home.

  • Students choosing to attend PRAXIUM will have the same opportunities as all other students. Elective courses will be taught utilizing Rocky Mountain Middle School teachers, PRAXIUM teachers, and online courses.

  • It won’t! Students will continue to have the opportunity to participate in the extracurricular activities of their “home school” including athletics.

  • PRAXIUM currently does not extend past 8th grade. Students wanting to continue through mastery-based learning similar to PRAXIUM have the opportunity to do so at Hillcrest High School. Students will need to complete the open enrollment form through the district to attend Hillcrest if they do not live within their boundaries.

  • Yes! All students who attend must meet certain criteria prior to enrolling. Students from all walks of life, all learning levels, and all different circumstances have participated in this program with great gains. Mastery-based education is applicable and good for students in Idaho.