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Will my student receive a locker?

Students will keep their backpacks with them as they move throughout the day. There will be hooksin each room to place their backpacks. If the student would still like a locker, they may sign up forone at registration. Please keep in mind that the lockers are a smaller size.

Where will my student eat lunch?

The students will either participate in a 7th or 8th-grade lunch at Rocky Mountain Middle Schooldepending on their age. The menu will be the same provided by the district.

Will there be a school library?

We are in the process of building up our own school library. We will have a limited number of booksthe students will be able to check out from PRAXIUM. The students will also be able to visit RockyMountain Middle School during the day for use of their library.

Will my students receive an activity card?

Praxium students will be given an activity card. They may pay the activity card fee for their boudarymiddle school to attend extra-curricular activities if needed.

Will my students be able to participate in extracurricular activities at theirboundary school?

Yes, they may try out for and participate in after-school activities and programs at their boundary school.

Will my student receive a Chromebook?

Yes, a Chromebook will be checked out to each student during the first week of school. They will beable to use them at school and at home.

What electives can my student take at RMMS and how will that work with theirschedule?

Please refer to the Elective Course Catalog for instructions and the available electives.

What is the benefit of the two-week elective schedule? How does the two-week period workfor my student?

Elective time is utilized by exploring their interests while having targeted small group and one-and-one instruction with an emphasis on ELA and math. During the elective blocks, the students will have the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned while working in 2 chosen electives and 1other workshop.

How will Praxium help my student prepare for high school and life after high school?

We will help your student create 5 or 6 year plan in the fall that will help guide your student withclass choices.

How will I receive communication on how my student is doing in their courses?

A weekly newsletter will be sent with updates about upcoming projects and deadlines. Each student is paired with a mentor that sets goals with the students and emails frequently. There is also a parent account in the Summit platform for up to dateinformation on student progress and parents can opt-in to a text update stream. Progress reports are sent each trimester.


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